How to use Fern Azolla as organic animal feed

Fern Azolla was found to be a very nutritive and cheap organic feed substitute for dairy cattle, poultry, pig, rabbits, fish and many more.   Azolla is a floating fern mostly utilized as bio-fertilizer for wetland paddy. It belongs to the family of azollaceace. The fern Azolla, hosts a symbiotic blue green algae anabaena azolle, […]

Azolla as Livestock feed

Azolla as livestock feed has enormous potential due to: Its high content in proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin B12, Beta Carotene), growth promoter intermediaries and minerals. Its ability to proliferate without inorganic nitrogen fertilization. Its high rate of growth in water without the need to displace existing crops or natural ecological systems. It […]

Azolla Cultivation Guide: Azolla as a Livestock Feed

Azolla Cultivation In Nigeria & Introduction of Azolla Cultivation: What is Azolla? It is a free floating water fern consisting of a short, branched, floating stem, bearing roots which hang down in the water. kind of green fodder grown on water surface. Why the Azolla cultivation is increasing and becoming popular? Because, Azolla has many nutrient […]

Poultry Feed Fermentation: Poultry Feed Formulation Step By Step Production Guide & Its Benefits

Poultry Feed Fermentation – In poultry farming, one of the greatest and even the best ways to cut the cost of poultry production is through the dynamic knowledge on self or on-farm poultry feed formulation, but then have you thought about fermentation of feed,i bet you never saw that coming. It is clearly known to […]

Maggot Production For Livestock Feed

Maggot production for livestock feed are produced from wastes and this calls for integration so as to boost sustainable Agriculture. In other words, without wastes, there are no maggots. The objective of every farmer is to maximize profit and you will agree with me that feeding alone accounts for about 70% of the total cost […]