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Poultry Feed Fermentation – In poultry farming, one of the greatest and even the best ways to cut the cost of poultry production is through the dynamic knowledge on self or on-farm poultry feed formulation, but then have you thought about fermentation of feed,i bet you never saw that coming.

It is clearly known to every livestock farming business owner (or livestock farmer) that 70% – 80% of the expenses go directly into livestock feeding. And if farmer is not diligent enough to understand and have a prior knowledge of on-farm feed formulation and production, there are chances that such farmer may incur losses or at least, spend much of his profit back into feeding.

Therefore, in this practical poultry feed formulation guide, I am going to discuss with you one of the best known methods to totally reduced the bills on livestock feeding and also show you the importance of poultry fermentation feeds.

What is Poultry Feed Formulation?

In general, feed formulation is the process of quantifying the amount of feed ingredients that need to be combined to form a single uniform mixture (feed) for poultry that supplies all of their nutrient requirements.
In the definition above, farmer who wants to produce on-farm poultry feed, must know the nutritional requirements of the bird in question, the amount of the available feed ingredients, techniques of mixing or analyzing the available ingredients and as well the production method. All of these in our later discussion.
But in order to simply this process, a renowned method was introduced. In fact, this same method has been included in human food as far as decades ago. I am talking about Fermented feed for chicken or livestock in general.

What is Poultry or Chicken Feed Fermentation?

Poultry Feed Fermentation: Poultry Feed Formulation Step By Step Production Guide & Its Benefits
Mostly fermentation is the process of covering feeds in liquid and allowing them to sit, which creates probiotics that assist in digestion and gut health.
So, fermentation feed formulation method process involves using naturally occurring bacteria to partially break down the feed- improving its enzyme content and increasing its levels of vitamins B, C and K. In simple term, it involves the method of soaking feed ingredients into water and covers it for some days (usually 3 days) to rid of all the bad bacteria, leaving only the good bacteria behind and to release the required vitamins and nutrients.
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  1. That good news for me.I can now grow my birds with less cash and get good quality meat free fro antiboitics.Kudo

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